Temperature – Humidity Monitoring System

It is included in the "Environment Monitoring Systems" in order to measure humidity and temperature of the environment. This system can be used in numerous fields such as food storages, walk-in boxes, medicine cabinets for drugstores, operating rooms and laboratories for hospitals etc.

Energy Monitoring System

Through the "Energy Monitoring System" of Retmon EMS, you are able to monitor and record various energy system data such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor and active/reactive usage values. You can also observe historical data as chart or trend curve. Along with the extensive protocol support, all data can be collected continuously from your active devices like energy analyzer, reactive power relay and electrometer included in the energy systems. It is also possible to remote monitor your substructure devices like uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Generator or Air conditioning system, keep and monitor your data via Data Logger feature.

Data Center Monitoring System

With DCIM Express software solutions, you can record various data of Data Center from monitoring of hot and cold air corridor, monitoring dew-point, temperature/humidity map, power usage effectiveness (PUE), energy system data, camera and door sensor, monitoring entrance/exit etc. You can analyze the data as you need in order to increase productivity.

System / Server Room Monitoring System

Using Server Room Monitoring System you can monitor the temperature and humidity of the cabinet, monitor air conditioning and control the air flow and quality. With water leakage sensors you can have feedback via alarms/warnings before flood and prevent data loss.

Branch Monitoring System

This system allows you to monitor, record, report and analyze all the data belongs to the branch, such as energy consumption, temperature and humidity values of the system room, generator fuel level, UPS and compensation panel. Collected data and the instructions coming from the user are secured by using advanced cryptographic algorithms. You can use IP Camera connection to remote monitoring and security notifications.

ATM Monitoring System

You can keep your ATMs under controls by using tracker equipment like air conditioner, UPS, indoor/outdoor camera, indoor/outdoor lighting, router, entrance/access control and by using temperature/humidity, water leakage, movement and light sensors. You can maintain an uninterrupted operation with "Energy Management"

Base Station Monitoring System

You can monitor your base stations and keep your data under record via sensors of movement, knock, water leakage, smoke, temperature/humidity etc. Indoor and outdoor IP cameras lets you improve your security and prevent potential dangers by way of warning systems like SMS, e-mail and siren.

Critical Facility Monitoring System

It is easy to monitor facilities which have hazardous substances like pressurized fuel vault, LNG and LPG. You can collect temperature and humidity data via sensors and put your vaults and gas tanks under protection by using air quality sensor, nitrogen measuring sensor and other gas sensors and make instant watch.

Archive Room Monitoring System

Archives Room’s temperature and humidity should be 12-18°C / 50-60% RH so important documents and drawing archives can be stored safely and durably. Retmon EMS monitors the data momentarily and saves the data via Data Logger. It creates trend graphs or tables and alerts via SMS, E-Mail, SNMP Trap and Siren.