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Watch and Warn

Manage all the data you need in a center.

With the importance and awareness of creating R&D, we offer our customers Data Center & Infrastructure Management, Energy and Environmental Monitoring Solutions.

Watch and Warn

Web Based

Manage all your data you need from smart devices.

Retmon is a data collection and environmental monitoring solution where you can remotely monitor all the data you need and receive notifications by help of web-based software from anywhere in the world.

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With Retmon solution packages, alarm notifications can be received in various ways such as e-mail, SMS, phone call, SNMP trap. All data collected from the sensors can be recorded and used for reporting and analysis.

To date 34.000 + controllers, 50.000+ sensors we have produced.

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About Retmon

Retmon offers Industry 4.0 compatible environment monitoring solutions via up-to-date software and hardware.

It stands by customers at every Industry 4.0 stage with its 24/7 after sales support.




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