Environmental Monitoring Systems

Make the environmental conditions of your business manageable and controllable remotely with Retmon solutions suitable for your industry.

Data Collection &
Watch and WarnEnerji Yönetimi

Manage all the data you need in a center.

With the importance and awareness of creating R&D, we offer our customers Data Center & Infrastructure Management, Energy and Environmental Monitoring System Solutions.

Keep informed instantly all of changes in critical environmental parameters.

With the alarm management module, you can determine threshold values in parameters that are important for your business, and you can receive e-mail, SMS, call or a siren notifications when they are out of these values.

Watch and Warn

Explore the user-friendly dashboard with advanced data visualization tools.

The dashboard, developed for easy use, offers personalization options and you can see important data on the home screen. You can easily access data visualization tools such as heat map and humidity map, and create graphs for analysis and reporting.


With Retmon solution packages, alarm notifications can be received in various ways such as e-mail, SMS, phone call, SNMP trap. All data collected from the sensors can be recorded and used for reporting and analysis.

Our References

“The system room overcomes our need for temperature, humidity, flood monitoring in the environment.”

İbrahim Güdücü
İbrahim GüdücüIT Executive, BİFA