5 Reasons to Use an Environmental Monitoring System

The environmental monitoring system aims to measure the parameters in the environment through sensors and data collection terminals and analyze the collected data. It ensures that the areas where environmental parameters are important are kept under control. Environmental monitoring systems are important in order to prevent data losses and to store data safely that cannot be recovered.

We examined 5 reasons to use the environmental monitoring system that provides businesses to control and manage their environmental datas:

1-Remote Controllability

The most typical characteristic of the environmental monitoring system is the ability to remotely access the datas of the environmental parameters. It provides datas such as temperature, humidity and air flow of the environment to be monitored, by connecting from any device with an internet connection (such as a computer, mobile phone and tablet).

Especially, it is very important to be able to remotely monitor instant parameter changes that may occur in areas such as data centers and warehouses that are not continuously accessible. It is easily possible to prevent the loss of unrecoverable data or to notice any security gaps with the environmental monitoring system.

It has great importance that the environmental monitoring system is accessible from anywhere in order to avoid the negative effects of the slightest change in values, in areas such as food stores, health stores and workshops where environmental conditions are very important.

Environmental monitoring system also provides that environmental data can be followed both from the head office and from the branch, for businesses with multiple branches and offices in different locations.

2-Push/Instant Notification

The environmental monitoring system not only collects the data of the parameters in the environment, but also notifies the changes of values, earthquakes, fire, water leakage and unauthorized access.

The values, tolerance ranges and alarm conditions that should belong to the parameters to be followed are defined during the installation of the environmental monitoring system. At the same time, alarm severities, the communication type and relevant contacts in alarm state are also determined.

In case of instant changes in environmental conditions, it also provides siren calls in alarm situations and to take quick action, in addition to notifying the relevant contacts by email, sms and call.

Thus, the environmental monitoring system allows you to easily intervene in alarm situations by following the environmental parameters for you.

3- Savings

Energy consumption can also be controlled by the environmental monitoring system, in addition to preventing labor and product loss caused by environment conditions. Providing access to energy consumption data, which is one of the major cost items for businesses, ensures that the energy management policy is established in the right way. As a result of the efficient use of energy, businesses save huge amounts of energy costs.

At the same time, businesses need a large number of workforce to monitor, control and report every environmental parameter. The environmental monitoring system performs these operations easily and independently from human beings with sensors and data collection terminals.

It is not always possible for businesses that do not use an environmental monitoring system, to take quick action against problems in important areas such as warehouses. Therefore, large financial losses may occur, especially in warehouses with food or health products.

The use of an environmental monitoring system for monitoring data centers has become a necessity rather than a need in sectors such as banking, where data protection is important. Nowadays, data security is the most important criterion for customers or users. Businesses that save resources to be allocated for the environmental monitoring system, may face greater losses in the long run.

4- Productivity Growth

Especially the environment conditions in offices directly affect productivity. Sudden changes or unsuitable values in parameters such as temperature and humidity, making it difficult for employees to focus and reduce productivity. The environmental monitoring system prevents this situation and provides to preserve the appropriate values and send instant notification when the values are exceeded.

Because the environmental parameters, which negatively affect production and cause a decrease in product efficiency, are kept under control by the environmental monitoring system, continuity in production will be ensured and an increase in product efficiency will be observed.

Improvement works can be performed in areas with energy inefficiency, due to the analysis of energy consumption data with the environmental monitoring system. In this way, it will be possible to use energy efficiently and to adopt environmentally friendly practices.


The environmental monitoring system is not only concerned with parameters such as temperature, humidity and air flow. At the same time, it also provides control of situations such as unauthorized access, theft, fault in installations, power failures, fire and earthquakes due to equipment such as motion sensor, water leakage sensor and smoke sensor.

It is possible to obtain images of unauthorized access in areas where security is important, due to the IP cameras connected with the door motion sensor.

In case of temperature, humidity changes or water leakage and fire that may be experienced in service areas such as hotels and restaurants, there can be taken an action quickly for customer safety because of the instant notifications getting from the environmental monitoring system.

Retmon Real Time Data Collection and Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Retmon solutions include all the benefits of the environmental monitoring system. At the same time, it supports the environmental monitoring system software with hardware such as sensors and data collection terminals that are produced by itself.

With visualization feature, areas that are monitored environmental parameters can be visualized as desired and placed in accordance with the plan of the relevant area. Thus, it offers more effective and accessible environmental monitoring experience.

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