Environmental Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring System

The environmental monitoring system is the infrastructure to measure and analyze the environmental parameters. Environmental monitoring systems aims to perform the task of protecting the area where danger or damage may occur with the importance of environmental parameter values. Environmental monitoring systems should be used to store data that could not be reorganized and without causing financial losses.

What is the significance of ISO 27001 for environmental monitoring systems?

Valuable information helps manage and protect assets. It helps to protect information assets and give you confidence. This standard creates solution with adopts the process approach to create, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve the Information Security Management System.

How does Environmental Monitoring System work?

When all the environmental parameters are considered as a data, you can see the value of each data and control the data via the software with the help of sensors for each data such as humidity, temperature, voltage etc. You can manage the siren call and turning on/off the air conditioner via web-based software in case of emergency. You can ensure that the recipients in the contact list that created unlimitedly are informed by SMS, call or e-mail.