How to Monitor Temperature and Humidity in Food and Cold Stores?

In order to not to spoil the food and beverages in food and cold stores, temperature and humidity values should be monitored. The monitoring of places such as food and cold stores, freezing cabinets, fermentation cabinets have great importance for the safety of the product. You can use the Retmon EMS Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of a preferred environment as 24/7.

Retmon EMS monitors all important factors, reports and sends alarm notifications via e-mail, SMS, SNMP Trap or voice/light siren in case of alarm. Monitoring of warehouse in A-3 and D-3 clause under the article 10 in the fourth section of regulation about Workplace Responsibilities and Market Surveillance, Control and Inspection of Food and Food Contact Articles and Materials specified as follows:

  • A-3: In case of necessity, it should provide temperature-controlled processing and storage conditions with sufficient capacity to maintain foodstuffs at appropriate temperatures and should be designed to allow these temperatures to be monitored and recorded with calibrated devices.
  • D-3: In case of necessity to store foodstuffs at appropriate temperatures, temperature-controlled storage conditions should be established with sufficient capacity and these temperatures should be monitored.