How to Monitor Temperature and Humidity in the Healthcare Industry?

The regulation of Quality Standards in Healthcare published by the General Directorate of Health Services, Department of Health Quality and Accreditation; some of the requirement for temperature and humidity monitoring for hospitals, medical centers and operating rooms are specified as follows:

  • Temperature and humidity values should be monitored in the operating room.
  • Temperature and humidity values of storage areas should be kept under control.
  • Temperature monitoring should be done according to the materials in the refrigerators. Appropriate temperature and humidity ranges should be determined according to the areas and temperature & humidity should be monitored constantly.
  • Temperature of blood cabinets, freezers and shakers should be monitored and recorded. Warning systems should be available for situations where proper temperature conditions cannot be met.
  • Ideal temperature and humidity rates of intensive care rooms should be determined and controlled. The temperature of the intensive care room should be adjustable between 22-28°C and the relative humidity rate between 30-60%.