How to Monitor Temperature and Humidity in Veterinary?

Temperature and humidity monitoring have great importance for veterinary. The necessity of monitoring temperature and humidity in C clause of the article 16 of regulation about Veterinary Medical Products which was put into practice with the official newspaper numbered 28525 published in the official newspaper dated 11 January 2013 specified as follows:

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Requirement

The marketing authorization holder must provide the appropriate storage and transportation temperatures for the product supply from the ministry and the veterinary pharmaceutical warehouse under its own responsibilities. Also, he/she must monitor, keep records and provide this information when requested by the buyer.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solution

You can use the Retmon EMS Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System to monitor and record the temperature and humidity of a preferred environment as 24/7. Retmon EMS monitors all important factors, reports and sends alarm notifications via e-mail, SMS, SNMP Trap or voice/light siren in case of alarm.