How to Protect Archive Rooms?

What is Archive?

The archive is formed as a result of the activities of real and legal persons of institutions all over the world. It is the place where administrative, legal, testimony, institutional values or other all kinds of produced visual, written and data information for re-use are kept.

Although the concept of archive we know today, is the place where digital data is stored, traditional archiving methods are still used in many areas.

However, the archive needs to be protected in general, whether it is traditional or digital.

In this article, we will mention about the services that you need to use and both traditional archives and digital archives that can be protected from disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake.

Sensors That Must Be in Archive Rooms

Fire Sensor

In case of a fire, to respond to emergencies, your fire extinguisher equipments should always be maintained and ready for use in your archive room.

Water Leak Sensor

In case of a water leak, a sensor that runs precise, will prevent possible disaster.

Smoke Sensor

Although smoking is not allowed in confined areas, another issue in the Official Newspaper is the requirement of having "no smoking" in archive rooms. The smoke sensor will be activated and give a warning when there is smoking or releasing gases from possible cables. So you should have a smoke sensor in your archive room.

Humidity Sensor

Valuable documents can be damaged if the humidity in the environment is high and this is important to prevent irreversible damages. You should constantly monitor and control the humidity in the environment with sensitive sensors.

Archive Room Protection with Retmon EMS

Taking all the measures above can be effective in protecting your safety of life and property. However, you can manage, monitor and report this entire process from one center with Retmon EMS. With our ultra sensitive temperature and humidity sensors, you can report the smallest environmental changes in your archive room.

During natural disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, even if you are not in your archive room, you can observe changes in environment remotely, prevent the growth of the disaster with intervene to sensors and terminals.