Temperature and Humidity Monitoring for Vehicles

Manufacturers, distributors and other suppliers serving the food industry can monitor their mobile vehicles, raw material warehouses, production facilities, storage areas in a single interface in real time. In this way, it is possible to intervene faster and compensate for irreversible damage where the threshold value of the temperature and humidity data is reached.

DCT-210 is designed for vehicles and can be mounted anywhere with its montage tool. Temperature and humidity monitoring of food delivery vehicles is quite important. It is necessary to monitor the environmental parameters in order to prevent spoiling when the foods are transported. We provide this monitoring and help maintain standards by way of our sensors.

Retmon Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System keeps your vehicles under control due to instant and historical data. It warns you against undesirable changes in the environment. It can report when the warehouse and frigorific case doors are opened and closed as well as monitor the temperature and humidity values in all processes.