Data Collection Terminal



  • Retmon DCT-210 are used to measure, watch, save and control the environmental parameters. Computer/server operates independently. This terminal collects data, warns people and keeps to control all systems.
  • It is made easy with the installation of sensors in industrial standard options. This provides our customers accurate, flexible and reliable service.
  • Supported by industrial communication standards and other industrial devices can be included in your system easily.
  • Sensor multiplexer hub will connect to the digital sensor ports, so you can expand your viewing by adding sensors in your monitoring system.
  • It provides wired/wireless internet or 3G modems with flexible connectivity options.
  • Digital input/output ports help to activate or deactivate the all devices easily.
  • With secure web access, you can do real time remote monitoring. You can be instantly informed of alarm notifications via SNMP alerts, e-mail and SMS.
  • All collected data can be saved, reported and analyzed.
  • The collected data and commands from the users are protected by advanced security encryption algorithms.
  • IP camera or USB web camera connection provides remotely monitoring, so you can use this for security.
  • Even the electricity is cut, monitoring and warning system will continue to work through the Modular Battery Backup Unit.

Technical Descriptions

Onboard Temperature and Humidity Sensor 1
Onboard Temperature Sensor with Measuring Range 0-60°C
Onboard Temperature Sensor Sensitivity Sensitivity<%0.5
Onboard Humidity Sensor with Measurement Range Relative Humidity 0-100
Onboard Humidity Sensor Sensitivity Sensitivity<%3
Onboard Water Leak Sensor 1
RJ9 - Digital Sensor Port (1-Wire) 1 (Max. 16 pieces 1-Wire Sensor)
Max. 1-Wire Sensor Distance 50 m
Digital Input 4 (5 - 24 VDC)
Digital Output 2 (Max. 250 VAC/30 VDC)
2 (Max. 250 VAC/ 30 VDC) 3
Micro SD Card Socket 1
Audio Output 1
Onboard IR Port (Air Conditioner Control) With Retmon IR module
External HDD, Keyboard, Mouse Connection USB
Supply Voltage 5,8 V (DC) 3 A
10/100 Ethernet 1
Network Protocols HTTP, SNMP Traps, TCP Socket IO, MQTT, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, WEIGAND (Lock Settings), FTP, SSH, TELNET
Power Consumption 10 W
Operating Temperature Range 0-60°C
Operating Humidity Range %10-%90 (non-condensing)
EMC Certification 61000-6-4/61000-6-2
Product Warranty 1 Year
Physical Dimensions/Weight
Width 170 mm
Depth 94,5 mm
Length 44.4 mm
Weight 515,8 gram

Technical Documents

DCT 210 Installation Manual