Retmon EMS

Environmental Monitoring Systems

It is the data collection and monitoring system used to monitor, record and control the environment variables (temperature, humidity, smoke, air flow, water leakage etc.) of the area to be inspected. The terminal does not need any computer/server connection to work. Easy to install, flexible and reliable service.

You can include the industrial communication standards supported by the terminal and other industrial infrastructure devices in the Retmon EMS system (UPS, Generator, Air Conditioning Devices, etc.). With the sensor multiplexer hub, you can expand the coverage of your monitoring system. With the ethernet port in the terminal, you can include your data collection terminal in your local network. In addition, a compatible 3G stick modem to connect to the terminal's USB port provides 3G/GSM internet access, you can send SMS or use the phone call.

With Retmon EMS you can remotely monitor web access from anywhere in the world. In many ways, such as e-mail, SMS, phone call, SNMP trap, you are immediately notified of alarm notifications. All data collected from the sensors can be saved, used for reporting and analysis. The data gathered by the data collection terminal and the connection with the user are secured by advanced encryption algorithms. You can make remote live monitoring by connecting a compatible IP camera or USB web camera to the terminal. You can send a photo to an e-mail account where you specify a photo that you took.

Where to use?

  • System Rooms
  • Storage Areas (Food, Cold Weather etc.)
  • Medicine/Vaccine Cabinets
  • Bank Branches/ATMs
  • Critical Facilities
  • Archive Rooms
  • Base Stations
  • Hospitals/Operating Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Grain Silos/Greenhouses
  • Animal Farms

Downloadable Document

Retmon EMS


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