Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Environmental Monitoring and Control System? What Does It Do?

It is a system that control, analyze and watch the significant environmental factors. The sensors help the system to collect the data and you can easily access your reports. This system can create performance graphics and identify the resource needs. It monitors data centers for 24 hours with cables or wireless sensors. It establishes an automatic alarm. It remotely controls all devices. It provides energy efficiency. It keeps the environments under control. It provides admonitory service. In any dangerous situation, it warns employees by e-mail, phone and massages. It protects the information and financial investments.

What Does Environmental Monitoring Systems Monitor?

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Light
  • Flood sensor
  • Door open (alarm)
  • Motion detection
  • Fire
  • Airflow
  • Shock (impact) sensor
  • Electricity
  • Smoke

What Warn/Alert Environmental Monitoring Systems?

  • Send e-mail
  • Send message
  • Enabling automatic operation of the device (Such as, to turn on the air conditioner, to ring the alarm for precaution, to call with phone and so on.)
  • Talking or integrating with software via SNMP Network Management

What Is Tag?

It means that the points you want to track are labeled. The number of points generate the tag number. Number of Points Tracked = Tag.

For example: If you have 3 temperature sensors, the number of tags of these sensors is 3.

What Is the Data Center Ambient Temperature and Humidity? Does It Have A Certain Standard?

It is recommended that the ambient temperature in data center is between 16-24 ° C, the dew point is 15 ° C and the moisture content is 40-55%.

How Many Meters of Sensor Distances Can Data Collection Terminals Support?

The distance between the data collection terminals and the sensors supports 50 meters.

What Are the Network Protocols Supported By Data Collection Terminals?

HTTP / HTTPS, SNMP (V1 / V2) TRAPS, TCP / IP, MQTT, MODBUS TCP, and MODBUS RTU network protocols.

Can Data Collected at Data Collection Terminals Be Exported as A File and Recorded?

The listed data can be exported and saved as PDF files, XLS and CSV formats.

Can Data Collection Terminals Be Connected to LCD Monitors?

It can be connected to LCD monitors via HDMI output port.

Does the Data Collection Terminals Have IP Or USB Camera Support?

Data collection terminals can be installed in 1 (one) U-height 19 "rack cabinet or wall mounted with wall mounting tool.

How Long Is the Recorded Data Kept at The Data Collection Terminals?

The data is stored for 1 month.

Can the Data Collection Terminals Be Remotely Monitored?

Yes, Terminals can be accessed from any place where the internet is available and the graphics of the sensors can be monitored via the web interface such as mobile phone, tablet, computer and so on.