Retmon IoT

Nesnelerin İnterneti

Retmon IoT (Internet of Things) is a IIoT supported solution developed to provide real-time monitoring and reporting of production areas. It provides the necessary tools for collecting and analyzing data related to parameters affecting production.

It provides monitoring of parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, voltage, impact of industrial devices (Kiosk, CNC counter, etc.) in production areas, analyzing data, and generating alarms based on rules.

It is a highly effective tool that uses IIoT to collect environmental data and monitor parameters that affect production performance, analyze quality and production problems, and identify problems. Retmon IoT creates Big Data with the data collected from the production site and provides the data required to be used in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects.

It provides detailed reporting and analysis of all parameters affecting production, thanks to its tools that provide analysis of data for desired periods and time intervals. It records even the smallest change in the monitored data with communication protocols that can read data at high speed.

With Retmon IoT, facilities of businesses in different locations can be monitored and managed from the head office or a desired location via a standard web browser. In addition, the relevant persons are notified via e-mail, SMS or call for alarm situations that may occur in the production line or warehouse areas.


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